Conquering Imposter Syndrome to Land Your Dream Job
Growing up in a small town I was obsessed with TV and pop culture, but assumed only “special people” (i.e. not me) got to make it a career. Between my paralyzing self-doubt & anxiety, plus my Tourette syndrome & OCD, landing a gig in television seemed as implausible as the plot of my favorite 90’s soap operas (is Marlena still possessed or where did we land with that?). Trust me, you’re as talented and capable as any billionaire and definitely a way more fun person I’d rather work with! Let’s kick our Imposter Syndrome habit together!
  • Learn strategies to quiet your inner critic
  • Discover strengths and assets you’re overlooking or downyplaying
  • Learn ways to make the job hunt feel less overwhelming
Career Path Q&A: Chelsea’s Journey to WGA Writer, Creative Producer & Host
Hear about my journey from watching TV in Clarion, PA to making TV in NYC – the good, the bad, and the behind-the-scenes madness. Then ask me anything! We’ll leave time for an in-depth Q&A so each audience receives the unique advice they need to land their dream job – or figure out which specific job is the dream!
  • Discover practical steps you can take right now toward your future career
  • Learn the day-to-day of producing & writing and the inner workings of the world of TV & digital video
  • Hear what Justin Timberlake whispered to me backstage at MTV’s TRL (Hint: It tracks!)
Resilience: The Art of Bouncing Back
Calling all perfectionists and over-thinkers! This one’s for you. I can still remember the exact moment I learned I wasn’t accepted to the NBC Page Program. I thought my entire career was over before it started. I wish I could tell 22-year-old Chelsea that she would turn out (mostly??) OK! Obstacles, rejection, and self-doubt are inevitable stumbles along on the path toward your dreams. You can’t avoid them, but you can perfect the art of bouncing back. 
  • How to embrace mistakes and let go of your white-knuckle grip on control – the path toward your goals will never be straight and narrow
  • Learn how to avoid dwelling on setbacks and start using them to your advantage
  • Discover concrete ways to keep things in perspective
  • Learn how to un-send an email (jk – but if you know, please DM me)
How To Stand Out Without Burning Out
Between the thousands of other resumes sitting next to yours on a hiring manager’s desk and the zillion qualifications and credits it seems like you’re supposed to have, trying to land your dream job (or any job!) can make you feel like you’re screaming into a void. This talk is designed to help make sure you don’t lose your voice (Screaming into the void, that is. Pls don’t scream, I promise it’s gonna be fine!)
  • Strategies for getting your resume in front of the right people and getting your foot in the right doors
  • How to play to your strengths to nail that interview, that email, or that presentation and show others you’re as amazing as you know you are
  • Learn about actions you can take right now that will pay off in the future
We’re All Weirdos
Campus life can be overwhelming when you feel like you don’t fit in. Until you remember that “fitting in” is a fallacy! Everyone has something that makes them feel like an outsider – whether that’s a mental health struggle, physical disability, addiction, unique worldview, or just the fact that they’ve always hated the way their chin looks from the side. As a Professional Weirdo* (*credits include but are not limited to: Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, never wanting children, being a woman, having a crush on the Home Improvement kid who wasn’t Jonathan Taylor Thomas), I’ll share my weirdo journey and invite the audience to reveal and revel in whatever makes them feel different to remind them their “weird thing” is actually their superpower. There’s no such thing as normal — so let’s be weird, together! 
  • Great for first-year students or groups who could benefit from a bonding exercise
  • Get more comfortable embracing your imperfections and insecurities
  • Feel inspired and empowered to do everything you were putting off such as getting involved on campus, sending that resume, or scheduling that friend date
  • Leave feeling closer to your fellow audience members
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